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Big U Media is a full service Production Company.  We are equipped and eager to handle any of your creative needs.  We pride ourselves in our Quality, Client Satisfaction and Value.

Nothing makes us happier than seeing our Clients products or services Shine!

Our Services

Let's make great thing together

Video Production

Full Service Commercial and Corporate Video Production Company. We are equipped and eager to handle and Video Production, Film content.

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Whether local or national we offer all services to meets your production needs.

Creative Direction

Big U Media utilizes state of the art recording studies and high end video equipment, along with incredible talent, to deliver the best possible Video and Audio Productions.

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Visual Effects

Whether Commercial or Corporate Visual Effects, Big U Media can provide the highest level of creative design using modern tools.

Creative team

Our talent director, actor will help you do it

We are the best team!

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Ira Banana


Winning awards

Circle is an award winning creative production company working for various clients and agencies in both New York and LA

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Let's make great things together

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Circle Film Studio is committed to both proven and emerging filmmakers with assistance at every stage of production

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